Auckland University Canoe Club 1980's

Inspiration for this group came from the AUCC reunion which combined with Paul Denyers 50th birthday party at Lesters house in Auckland a couple of years ago. A great gathering took place and a good time was had by all. Recounting stories & a few laughs...Here's a few things that were recalled as published on old friends:
Sharing Anawhenua Falls with Graham Mourie and Graeme Dingle along with Steve Stackable whilst advising their production team on how best to shoot their adventure doco. Rosies Puhoi lunch-urgggg! Drunk possums at Fuljames. Pub sessions at the THC Wairakei. Frank Brindle blood poisoning. Smallpiss's Motu chest.Tuff team. Railway rapid car hulk stoppers. Gaz clears room in 20 seconds. Stack and Rangi cause Queen St riots. Cruising with Young Trollop and others down Queen St in Boris the 1946 Austin 8, taking on all challengers. Maori boy pants. Paul Denyer can't change tyres. Ted christens the 'Penetrator". Fnurl. Dave 'Hippy' Taylor. Tony Ward-holmes revamps Town Hall with Mickey Mouse clock. Geoff Miles blue Datsun. Zoom sessions at Irirangi road - Tangi La Hood eats own vomit with sterilised fork. Rhinehard the Bald Eagle and Gerry's girlfriend. Vladivostok. Nigel Leigh's detachable shoulder. Shotover wake-up. Martin Gregory. David the Duck RIP. You... are living in the suburbs. Sarah Cannon. Tokaroa boys. Glenn Perkinson president 1982. Dave Stout. Perve. Profigliano. Ged. Morrie. Steve Stewart's steering wheel action. Erika and Lynley. Newslitter. Tony Ingold's Chev. Sue Brodnax. Bacon fat. Kevin Paulson. Scrog stop. The Keg. Viva la Mac. Schwartz. Sam Changwai. Raoul Fenelon. Harley. Piha chips. Front Wave. Canoe polo. Fibreglass. Motu in tyre tubes. Shane Blake: Hey Rangi....doesn't matter. Throbber.Chipper Potter. Spillage. Peeled Kumara. Frozen wetsuits/hot spa baths on Upper Tongo. Mike Farrow. Cold Gold KB Lager. Lighting Straws. Sarah T. Jackie K & L. Blues Brothers. Steph. Pete Develda. Mike Booy. Chris Swann. Rocky Horror. Ollies. Timmy Rat.
There must be heaps more stories and people that others remember that many of us have forgotten. Lots of photos and memories. The aim of this group is to create a forum for these to be shared with anyone from that era who cares to join. So start scanning those old photos that are locked away in some random shoebox that has been gathering dust for years and post them on this site......