Florida State University Alumni & Friends Group

Florida State University's supporters — nearly 300,000 Seminoles strong — represent the university across the nation and around the globe, demonstrating our values of Strength, Skill and Character, fulfilling our mission of Leading for the Greater Good.

A warm welcome to our lovely, heritage-rich campus is a part of the University's great tradition. From prospective students and parents to athletic fans to alumni who may not have returned in decades, visitors, friends and supporters will find, a "warm-hearted and hospitable" place that Tallahassee Mayor Francis Eppes, grandson of Thomas Jefferson, proclaimed as he led the drive to found what has become oldest continuous site of higher education in the state of Florida.

There are many ways to stay connected and support The Florida State University: Through contributing to the Foundation, becoming a Booster or joining the Alumni Association. You can also become a part of the OneFSU Online Community, display a Florida State license tag, or leave your mark by beautifying the campus with a commemorative brick or bench.