Friends of the State Street Family

READ WHOLE DESCRIPTION BEFORE POSTING. Thanks! Welcome to the Friends of the State Street Family. Our goal is to provide a positive, uplifting community environment. We strive to fill the basic survival needs of our homeless family members through by providing basic gear, weekly meals, and individual support as needed.


Contact us at or at 608-535-9394 or visit us online:


1. Sleeping bags, blankets, and general survival gear are always needed. Additionally, the google doc pinned to the top of our newsfeed reflects some of the specific needs of the members of our homeless family. The document can be edited by anyone, so if you're able to provide an item, please mark it as completed. (Direct questions to Connie Geier.)

2. Volunteer groups (and individuals) are always needed to make and serve food during our Saturday Food Run. Weekly needs can be found in the event tab above. (Direct questions to DeeDee Collette.)

3. Financial donations are appreciated, and can be made at The State Street Family Link can be found in the bottom left corner of the page.


To better streamline the efficiency of our newsfeed, we have decided to restrict to basic informational posts by our board members. You are welcome to respond to these posts as often as you'd like, but we do ask that you respect the others on the page and refrain from profanity, name-calling, and other unnecessary language. Our group embraces members of all political, sexual, religious and social affiliations and we ask that, regardless of your personal opinions, you respect join us in respecting everyone equally. The moderators of this page reserve the right to delete posts that are deemed inappropriate.


Board President - Dee Dee Collette -