Guyanese Association of Barbados Inc. (G.A.B.I)


The Guyanese Association of Barbados Inc. (GABI) was inaugurated in April 2004, with Pat Thompson as our first President.

This Association was born from the yearnings of the Guyanese community, as any other immigrant community to remain in contact with fellow immigrants and to celebrate Guyana’s major holidays such as our Independence; together with the maintenance of our culture, which includes Guyanese cuisine and special festivals peculiar to Guyana.

One of the prime objectives of the Association has been to integrate Guyanese into the Barbadian society, their host country. As GABI evolved one of their major projects was the concert “To Guyana with love” which was undertaken by Frank Da Silva which had the assistance and contributions of all segments of Barbadian society to raise funds during the 2005 Floods in Guyana. The proceeds from this concert which featured artistes from Barbados and Guyana were donated to GABI, for transmission to Guyana.

Our Primary Aims and Objectives consist of the following while endevour to grow and become most relevant the Guyanese population living in Barbados.

• To promote the integration of Guyanese into the Barbadian society, and to
endeavour to preserve and exhibit Guyanese culture in the Barbadian society

• To provide resource information for newly arrived Guyanese and Guyanese in
need of assistance and to organise celebrations around Guyanese National

Presently, GABI has over 300 members of Guyanese and other nationalities from different professional fields. Over the years the association has been instrumental in raising needed funds for projects in Guyana and Barbados. Some of our projects include:

• Book distribution in Barbados and Guyana
• Victims of Cave in on Brittons Hill
• Needy children fund in Barbados
• School feeding project Guyana
• Plant a tree project Guyana
• Haiti Earthquake fund (Barbados)
• Caribbean Dyslexia Centre (Barbados)