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About Gambia Films!
Welcome to Gambian Films and Movies Industry. The cinema of Gambia is growing very fast, conveying talented Actors and Actress across Africa.

At Gambian Films Blog, we bring you free Gambian Movies on YouTube, on Boomtv Africa.
We Promote Gambian Movies, We Promote Gambia Actors and Actress, We distribute your film Across the Africa, We Promote the Top Gambian Actors and Actress.

If you have interest in acting in the Gambia, or you an Actor or Actress kindly contact us as we promote you across the Gambia.
If you are a Director or Producer in the Gambia or Outside the Gambia, but you are looking for the best talented Gambia Actors and Actress, kindly contacts us as we work with you in the Gambia for your films projects.

About Gambia!
Gambia is the Smiling Coast of Africa. Gambia is Ebola Free. You are welcome to shoot your film in the Gambia. Gambia is a peaceful nation. You are welcome to the Gambia. Bollywood, Hollywood, Nollywood Directors and Producer. Come to Gambia and invest in our Film industry.
Gambians Actors and Actress are ready to work with any international boarding.