Avon, Plainfield, Camby, Speedway Garage Sale!

A good way to get rid of stuff you don't want anymore without the hassle of actually having a garage sale.

2. Once and an agreement is met you MUST follow through I don't care if someone offered you more after you have agreed. YOU WILL BE BANNED
3. Make sure if your selling purses you post the serial number... selling ANYTHING KNOCK OFF IS ILLEGAL they are cracking down and watching Facebook for knockoffs you will be banned if this rule is broken NO EXCEPTIONS!!
4. If you arrange a meet you have to follow through or allow the person you have set to meet plenty of notice that you will not be available and arrange a new date/time to meet.
5. You must go in order not everyone can be on Facebook 24/7, give people a chance to pass if they are not interested. If they don't reply within 2 hours then you may move on to the next.
6. If you sale formula you MUST have a receipt If you pay out of pocket NO W.I.C items. It is government funded and IS ILLEGAL and you will be banned if no receipt is shown NO EXCEPTIONS!
7. If your not interested in an item DON'T comment so were not wasting anyone's time.
8. If you sale an item please delete I know its hard to find your post sometimes if that's the case message an administrator so we can delete if for you.

Just have fun with this site its intended to help you clear out some clutter not for people to create drama.

If you see someone who is breaking the rules please tag an administrator or if there are no shows let us know so we can weed out the people who aren't following them so we can have a drama free site :)
Administrators are available anytime.