Geek Club of Sri Lanka

Part of the Geek Club of Sri Lanka, this sub-page is GCSL-ers to hang out and post memes, funny content and general news and views etc.

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- No posting links to pirated materials (movies, games, etc...).
- No bullying.
- No sexism, racism, religious supremacism
- No spam
- No reposts
- No multiple posts on the same topic (Check if someone has posted something similar already)
- Bawwa, and any of his relations, are not allowed to post.
- No marvel is better than DC or vice versa arguments/flame wars. Those who do so will be warned and then banned if they continue.
- no advertising or promotions unless they are specifically geek related AND given the ok by an admin
- Absolutely NO SPOILERS. It doesn't matter if you dont think it is one. Other's may. Even if it was released a year ago. If you post something that is a spoiler. You will be banned immediately.