Gentle Families Ireland

A place to talk about the challenges and joys of trying to create gentle and respectful families, at all ages and stages. Judgement-free, supportive space - venting wholly understood and encouraged.

No recruitment or direct selling posts.

Core group values:

- We consider it vital that, while we respect the capacities and breaking points of parents and their exhaustion, that we don't suggest to parents that deliberately leaving their babies and toddlers to cry alone at night is an ideal way to parent.

- We think it's important to respect the choices a mother makes in how to feed her baby, while also recognising that many of us who do breastfeed are eager to offer support and advice to women who are struggling with that.

- We think taking the time to love and care for yourself in whatever way it is that you need to do (and your partner if you have one... or more indeed) is vital to be able to parent well. Put on your own oxygen mask first or you won't be able to put on your child's.

- We think respecting your child's individuality is one of the most important things we do as parents. It's so easy for us all to take on the gender norms and other things pushed on us and our children by society, but those roles are constricting and damaging to children if it's all they're allowed to imagine themselves being.