Georgia Weapons Swap

#1 NO price busting, If you do not like the price posted, make a counter offer or move on!

#2 Location, picture & trade value or cash price required with every post


#4 Members need to be 18+ All handgun deals 21+ regardless of law!

#5 Exercise caution when making deals, follow the law and the rules!

In the U.S., some states require a background check for the private sale of a firearm. Even if you do not live in such a state, a background check for safety purposes may be performed before completing the private sale of a firearm. It's your responsibility to ensure that you're following all laws and regulations that apply to you. We recommend using a pinned post to educate your audience about background checks. This helps ensure that your post stays at the top of your Page. All sales must comply with applicable ATF/NFA regulations. Violators will be immediately removed!