Fish Farming as a Business

About 31% of the Total Population of Uganda leaves below 1 US Dollar (2200 UgX) a Day, According to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) report. 20.4% of the Ugandan children are under weight due to malnutrition, and the poverty gap ratio of Uganda is at 8.1%. Nutritious products are becoming scarce as Fish in lakes has continued to reduce due to over fishing and gradually, dependence on fish from lakes and rivers has greatly been affected.

In 2006, the total fish catch in Ugandan lakes was 3,672,000 tones of fish and in 2010; the total fish catch in the lakes was 3,819,000 tones (fisheries dept, MAAIF). Fish has fetched high in exports out of Uganda but interestingly, it is being depleted from the lakes and the Ugandans increasingly unable to afford it due to its high prices in the market. This has created a need to acquire alternative means of fish farming and management through development and or improvement of aquaculture systems.

On the side of the youths, fish farming has not yet been taken as a serious income generating activity as most youths often move from place to place in search for jobs and paid employment without thinking about creating self employment through activities such as fish farming. This has increasingly attracted a need to train youths in fish farming as a business. Therefore, the establishment of the Face book Page FISH FARMING AS A BUSINESS is meant to increase awareness amongst youths and members of the potentiality of fish farming and also increase the availability of fish products to the consumers.