Germany Football Fans of Bangladesh™

TO JOIN THIS GROUP, Kindly send message to our Fan Page 'Germany Football Fans of Bangladesh' (page link is given below) after you click on 'Join Group'. Otherwise your request MAY NOT BE APPROVED.

All the German Football Fans from BANGLADESH are welcome!

Join the Fan Page:

~ No swearing, no use of slang
~ No insulting others
~ No racial comments
~ No insulting teams, players, managers, coaches, stuff members or any board director
~ No personal attack
~ Only English & Bangla (fonts & languages)
~ No advertisements
~ Keep the discussion clean
~ No spamming
~ Blocking an admin will land you a permanent BAN

Be gentle with your language and write players', coaches' or any other respectable person's name in correct spelling or pronunciation.

If you violate the last one, we will warn you then next time BANISH you.
Stay like a family.