<><><>Posting Criteria for SELLING<><><>
State: item, brand, price, size, location/s of pick up, and if postage is available.

If you want to sell clothes that don't fit you anymore, are the wrong size, sample clothing, clothes from your small businesses or just need to spring it here. Also welcome are other items, posting about garage sales, and asking for advice. :)

If you are too far from the buyer, please offer postage. Keep safe and don't meet people that you don't know alone.

1. No posting negative comments on people's posts.

2. No trolling.

3. No bullying.

4. No name calling.

5. Post images of items for sale ONLY.

6. No selling of items that you don't physically have.


8. NO STORES SELLING FOREIGN FAKE PRODUCTS (personal fake items are tolerated but if you post nothing but fake items I will assume you are a store selling brand new fake products).

9. NO REPLICA MAKE UP, PERFUME OR OTHER BEAUTY PRODUCTS due to safety reasons. Only authentic products have met Australian safety standards so if you can't confirm that the product is authentic, don't post it for sale.

10. Please add a starting price if you would like to do an auction-style sale, but only set the starting price at an amount that you would actually sell for; don't ask a bidder to pay more just because the amount isn't high enough for you.

11. No deceitful bidding to raise the price for friends.

12. If you set a 'buy it now' price, you must sell to the successful buyer. You cannot then change it to an auction if someone offers a higher amount.

13. For postage with people who you don't know or haven't dealt with before, please choose 'Cash on Delivery' with Australia Post to ensure your security.

14. Do not ask people to inbox you for more details! Please add all the details with the photo in your original post!

15. No posting links to other group pages. If you would like to advertise, ask Admin (Lois Allen, Raelene Billedo, Stephanie Pham, Kayla Heaney or Coralie Heaney) first, or advertise your group in forums, instagram, your fb page, tumblr, blogs or any other way that doesn't include stealing other people's database that they have worked hard to get.

16. If you have been ripped off or scammed, you must ask Admin before you 'Name and Shame' the culprit, then other people can be aware of dealing with them until Admin removes and bans the member.

17. Do not 'call out' a seller's advertisement if they are selling something dearer than another place online that you know of. This is not fair to the seller and discouraging to people just trying to make a living. If people can make a large profit margin then kudos to them! (Some products I sell have a 200% mark up!)

<><><>Posting Criteria for SELLING<><><>
State: item, brand, price, size, location/s of pick up, and if postage is available.