GISO (Georgia Iranian Student Organization)

GISO (Georgia Iranian Students Organization) is a non-profit group that aims to bring students, families and professionals in GA closer together.

In specific GISO follows the following three goals:

1) Family Sponsorship: To strengthen the relationship between students and families in order to assist students away from home.

2) Career Services: To help all students in various disciplines with finding jobs, internships and professional counseling. We target businesses with no specific hiring restrictions on Iranian students.

3) Networking:To bring students from various schools in Georgia together in order to create a long-lasting friendship among them.

4) Community Service: To involve Iranian students in making a difference in our community at large.

GISO aims to create a strong network among students, alumni, families and professionals in GA and membership in GISO is open to all of these groups. Please note that GISO does not pursue any political or religious goals.