This group was created by ,Jy R Neri , Martha Mitz, Jhu Del Mundo and Mitch Alvarez Del Mundo, not just for pet adoption but to everyone who love pet's specially dogs.

This page was created for healthy exchanging of ideas and sharing knowledge on how to properly take good care of our Dogs and to offer new home to homeless fur babies and other four legged friends. It is strongly advised to keep respect to all the Dogs and members of this group. Due to necessity, some rules should be set in this forum/page. Please follow these guidelines:

1. Keep the threads and discussions wholesome and on-topic.

2.Fighting is not tolerated here. RESPECT each other's opinions!

3.Redundant Q&A threads will be deleted without warning.

4.Make your thread titles clearer.

5. Avoid textspeak!

6.Do not post threads about items. looking for pets sale or for trade here.

7. Avoid jejespeak.

8. Stop being a cunt, don't be a SHIT inside the forum.

9. Avoid messages or comment with malicious content or positive input.

10. Don't be an ASSHOLE and PAIN IN THE ASS inside the forum.

11. If a post is already done deal, the existing post will be automatically deleted with prior warning by admin.

Members and especially officers of this group who fail to follow these rules and regulations will be reprimanded. Again, we only have to do this
because it's necessary.

Happy PET HUNTING and enjoy your stay!