We believe Liberians with unique professional skills and acute nationalism must be engaged in the entire United States of America, Canada, South and Central America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, in the African Diaspora and Liberia, to rally around the purpose of establishing a highly funded, well organized and coordinated corps of professionals across all disciplines, male and female, young and old, geared toward the creation of an International Economic and Political Force and facilitating a change of the social, economic, and political order for the greater good of Liberia under the name “GLOBAL.”

In spite of our history, ethnicity and economic dispositions, we really do have a common patrimony and noble mission. Our training and experiences necessitates that we together focus our attention and enormous skill sets in an integrated way on our nation’s problems. Professional Liberians working under a uniform creed that fosters integrity, accountability, with safeguards, and competence can provide meaningful solutions to our nation’s challenges. All patriotic Liberians in spite of their station or origin of forebears must now come to the table to begin to lay the ground for offering a more efficient leadership in support of positive results from the current term and specifically after the term of President Sirleaf. Our common enemies are incompetence and poverty not ethnicity.