Global HALAL Food and Groceries


Being a participant in the halal food industry ...and involved in its development , I believe it time we have this group.

This group is dedicated to halal frozen products and groceries as well as all other products that are associated with supermarkets and halal specialty stores.

This is to increase the awareness of our halal products and it authenticity.

Currently there is a growth in the entry of new products into the halal market and I hope by sharing info and ideas we can better build a dynamic halal industry.

Any contribution would both benefit the consumer as well as encourage the Manufacturers or Traders to develop and introduce better products.This will further accelerate the growth of the halal industry.

You are strongly encouraged to enquire on the Halal Authenticity and Certification from the product published by the Members.

We appreciate your co operation to limit the same product posting to one per day.