The Graduates Square

This is a Group for or "graduates" of marketing organisations like EC, GKIC, Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern and other similar business membership organisations.

This is a place for mature business people, a place for entrepreneurs to remain in touch and grow their marketing experience with people they know, like & trust.

No Self Selling
No Self Marketing
No Self Advertising

Obviously we'll find out and know what you do and if people ASK for your details then please do not feel restricted from sharing but no OBVIOUS and BLATANT ads, offenders will be asked to leave.

However, those that help, share and offer their skill, experience and contacts will get the opportunity to share their skills and thus grow their network.

NO bad mouthing any organisations, this is not a forum for airing grievances. If you have a problem with ANY organisation speak to them.

If you have a problem with any membership organisation, email them. Posting about it in the group will result in a warning the first time. Repeat offenders will be blocked for a month. Third time and it will be a ban.

We welcome diverse, alternative and informed viewpoints and positive thinking is welcome!