Green Patches - Gardening In Malta

This group is dedicated to all Maltese gardeners. Whether you have a couple of containers, or acres of farmland, feel free to join us, and share your experiences.

I would like to remind everyone that this is a gardening group. We are all here because we share an interest in gardening, plants and nature in general.

I have not set a limit to what can or cannot be posted here so far, because apart for a couple of exceptions, there was no need to. Everyone is allowed to post whatever they want, and if you know of events, courses or promotions that are related to gardening, plants and nature, please feel free to share.

Having said this, posts of promotions, links and images which are not related to gardening will be removed, and the member may be removed. The aim is to keep this group clean and enjoyable for everyone.

It's really very simple, just stick to the topic.

Thanks and regards,