Halaal Sri Lanka Discussion Forum “Policies”

*The following rules and regulations are expected to be followed by the group members!*

1. Topics on Islam, Politics and Business are “allowed” for discussion (Inappropriate contents will be removed)

2. Members are prohibited to use fake ID's.

3. Members are prohibited to post irrelevant links and comments out of subject.

4. No abusive language is permitted by the members. (Members will be banned without prior warning)

5. Members can ask questions and conduct surveys using the "Ask Question" widget

6. Business promotions are allowed (as far as it doesn't break the Islamic ruling, e.g. Pork, liquor, cigars, pictures of women are strictly not allowed)

7. Political discussions are allowed but campaigns are not allowed

8. Hate speech against other religions and individuals are not allowed

9.Repeated posts are considered as troll and spam, the member will be banned permanently from the group.

10. We welcome Job opportunities and Business proposals for the development of the society

11. This group may change/ add / delete its rules in the future for the betterment of the group

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