New York City Hash House Harriers and Harriettes

Our guest writer confides: Ah my first hash. I remember the day. I was so nervous. I heard all about it from my friends. They said it was the best thing to happen to them. I am envious of you, like the first time meeting Scout, or listening to Wish You Were Here, or thrilling in Carmen. You may have heard about the Hash House Harriers and now it‘s time to try it! The Hash is a worldwide Drinking Club with a R*nning Problem. We are not about the r*n - notice I didn’t spell out r*n, because it’s a four letter word - we are all about the social exchange, the r*nning just gets you to the beer faster.

The down and dirty^ is we meet at the Start Location (see, you bring a small bag with change of clothes. The Hare has dutifully set a trail typically 4 to 6 miles in arrows of chalk or flour. The r*nners set off to find and follow the trail (it’s fun!! Really!) which ends in a bar (read: dive bar). Hash cash is usually $20, which covers beer and some food. The rest of the evening is spent chit chatting about with all these cool hasher people. What a blast you are having, and how neat it is to learn about this greatest city of ours by r*nning and drinking in places you never would have gone to by yourself.

There is no typical hasher - we come in all shapes and sizes, all professions and trades. We are about meeting adventure, on the trail and in the bar - both the journey and the destination. The Hash is an informal group, no membership required. Just bring a good sense of humor [and your bag of clothes, and hash cash!].

We hash rain or shine - or snow or hail or frogs.

There are several Hash House Harrier kennels in the New York City area but information for all of them can be found at or calling the NYC hash hotline at 212-HASH-NYC.

^each hash kennel around the world customizes the hash to meet the needs and confines of the environment, but all hashes run, drink, fun.