Sit back, relax ,and have fun. Please no drama and no spamming!
While we operate Haze 4 Dayz in a relaxed laid back manner, it appears we need to lay down some simple guidelines for everyone to follow. I hate having to put up rules, but as the group has grown so much recently we need to put some safeguards in place.

Rules For Haze4Dayz

* As a vaping group, no one under the age of 18 years is permitted. If the administrators can not verify your age through facebook, you may be asked to provide proof of age. This is for the protection of the group and its many sponsors as many states have already implemented laws prohibiting the sale of vape related equipment and eliquid to minors. If you fail to meet the requirements of the administration team you will be removed from the group.

* Any external competitions require authorisation from an administrator. Unauthorized posts will be removed and repeat offenders will be removed.

* Haze4Dayz is affiliated with the Coast 2 Coast Vapers channel on Vapers.tv and as such welcomes other broadcasters from the network to post as they wish. Any broadcaster not affiliated with the channel is requested to refrain from advertising on this page. Unauthorized posts will be removed and repeat offenders will be removed.

* Attacks against any company, organisation or individual will not be tolerated. While we understand that there are entities out there that we may disagree with, please take that shit to another page because we don’t want ANY drama in here.

* The internet is full of trolls, we get that. This group appreciates humor, but we don’t appreciate douchebags. Again, there are many other groups on facebook that are full of trolls, go take your keyboard frustrations out in there.

* If anyone asks a question in this group, please do what you can to help them. New people start to vape every day and we all have a wealth of experience to pass on. We will be putting together files to help people in the right direction, but until that time we ask that everyone pitches in.

* We support advocacy, this is not about anyone being preachy it's about making sure we keep the industry intact. Any and all advocacy posts, calls to action and news articles are permitted on the page without need for approval.

* We are all vapers, we all like free stuff. Unless otherwise stated all giveaways will be for the United States only, open to US residents over the age of 18. If you win any prize on this page you will be asked for age verification, even if you are 75. It's not about being a pain in the ass, it's about protecting the people who make the giveaways possible.

* The administrators will always be here if anyone has any problems. If you see any infringements of these rules on the page, please report them to the administration team as we may not catch everything that falls through the cracks.

* We are all here to have fun, so please, lets do that in as drama free a way as possible.