Kinky, curly, coily: natural hair health and love!

This is a group for ladies who want to achieve and maintain healthy hair. Let's experiment and learn together and share the ups and downs of our wonderful natural hair journey. Sharing tips, regimens, comments, videos, and pictures on how to have healthy and beautiful hair will always be appreciated.

This is not the group for you if hair type and curl definition is your focus.
This is not the group for you if you don't have or want an understanding of hair beyond curl pattern or if you are unwilling to think about the properties of hair beyond curl pattern.
This is not the group for you if you think babies or toddlers need to have their hair "laid," pressed or even relaxed.
This is not the group for you if you think "good hair" is a texture or if you want a different texture from your own.
This group is not for you if you think your hair is prettier / pretty only when saturated with water or conditioner.
So if you're tired of all the extra and the madness in the natural hair community but you want tips and the knowledge then you've found the right place.

We have three rules.
1. The golden rule. Be respectful of other posters, even when you must respectfully disagree.
2. Please try to keep your posts positive and enlightening. We'll trust your discretion as positive, mature ladies.
3. Don't try to sell us stuff or advertise random stuff. If you are not posting with the intent to start two-way communication on a relevant topic then you and your post may be deleted.

Don't ask us your hair type unless you're trying to find out your porosity or thickness.
Don't ask us how to pop / define your curls.
Don't tell us how important curl pattern is to you or should be to us.
Don't tell us about products that do nothing for the health of your hair or that you haven't researched the ingredients on.

Do ask us about moisture, protein, avoiding breakage and achieving healthy hair.
Do share your tips and your journey.
Do share HEALTHY products that improve / promote hair health.
Do join to celebrate and love your hair!