Hebei united University

HEBEI UNITED UNIVERSITY (hebei lian he da xue) located in TAN...GSHAN very near to BEIJING is one of the most rapidly progressing Universities in CHINA----
two universities North China Coal Medical University and Hebei Polytechnic University were officially united on 15th October, 2010 and given a name of
---- Hebei United University, Tangshan, China-------
One of the great things about our university is that we have a wonderful multicultural community and gr8 unity amongst our groups.


<This GROUP is a representation of students of hebei lian he da xue>.

So I invite every student of HEBEI UNITED UNIVERSITY (hebei lian he da xue) to join this group ........ its basically your community share your thoughts give your opinions to make it a successfull community....

...........Disclaimer : This is a general purpose GROUP, having no links with the administration of (hebei lian he da xue).
It bears no reference what so ever with any official / authority of
HEBEI UNITED UNIVERSITY (hebei lian he da xue).
But if someone has got a problem,.... BEAT it ........We don't care ............

My best wishes are with you........

Ps: We NeeD Moderators To Run This group if U re Intrested tell The Owner... thnx