Hello Mama (Kenyan Moms)

Hello Mama. We ( Rehema Kahurananga and Christine Koech Bett) are two Kenyan moms who found comfort and a whole lot of help in our conversations with each other. We figured that other Kenyan moms might benefit in joining in on our conversations. If you're thinking about getting pregnant, are pregnant or have a child/children, this is the group you want to join. You can network with moms, share tips, ideas...or just experiences. Let's get talking.

Previously, our group was called 'Are you a Kenyan mom? Join this group NOW.' but due to concerns with privacy and the length of the name, we decided to migrate the group.

We mothers sail in more or less the same boat and though some people may empathise with us, we believe that you're not a mother until you're a mother. That's why we want to keep our group as private as possible so mothers can feel free to share, ask, comment etc and this new group is our first step towards achieving this.

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Note: Anyone can see the group and who's in it but only members see posts.

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