Hike 4 Life

Hike 4 Life is a group for those interested in seeking hiking ad...ventures. Friendship, support, and accountability are key when trying to reach your goals. Together let's inspire, achieve, educate, and motivate each other to reach a healthier lifestyle.

This group is for those that want to achieve a healthier lifestyle through mind, body, and spirit.

MIND: Attitude - You have a choice in the way you perceive what is going on. You have the power to choose whether you think the glass is half full, or half empty.

BODY: Exercise and physical activity are a great way to control your weight, combat conditions and diseases, improve your mood, boost your energy, promote better sleep, and even boost your sex life. Best of all, it's free and fun!

SPIRIT: Spiritual health is a delicate subject involving individual values and beliefs that provide us with purpose. Laughter is good for the soul. Live your values, banish animosity, replace hate with love, and love life with passion.

Let's help each other balance our mind, body, and soul. Put a limit on our work hours, let's dream, let's play, and let's socialize. Now, let's put down our phones and electronic gadgets and focus on our life...let's HIKE 4 LIFE!