Hinduism: The Scientific Way of Life.

This site is dedicated to Lord Ganesha - Lord of Beginnings and ...Wisdom, Bharat Mata (Mother India) and to the intuition of countless rishis (seers) of the past, who
committed their lives in pursuit of Sanatan Dharma, the Eternal way of life.

The purpose of this site is to provide useful information about the world's oldest religion. Hinduism's traditions have been preserved continuously since ancient times to the present day despite the tyranny of her invaders. This site catalogs thoughts of world-renowned intellectuals regarding Hinduism, recommends books for further reading, and provides useful links for further research.
Who a HINDU to know, the characteristics are as follows:
भारतीयर्षि-संप्रोक्तान् इहामुत्रार्थसाधकान् ।
योऽङ्गीकरोति सश्रद्धं सत्सिद्धान्तान् सनातनान् ॥ 1॥
माहात्म्यभिर्दिव्यशीलैः काले काले प्रवर्त्तितान् ।
संप्रदायानाद्रीयते यः सर्वान् पारमार्थिकान् ॥2॥
यत्र कुत्रापि जातोऽसौ यः कोऽपि वास्तु जन्मना ।
सच्छीलोदारचारितः सोऽत्र हिन्दुरिति स्मृतः ॥3॥
Those who believe in the words of Rshis of Bhaaratavarsha and accepts gladly the deeds in this birth(इह जन्म) and after-birth (परजन्म), one who accepts the fundamental principles of Eternal Righteous living as determined by our holy men according to their different ways of righteuousness and have adopted one of them with regard to all is HINDU, wherever he/she may be born and whatever be birth he/she is.
In short One who believes in rebirth, has love for Bhaaratavarsha and its eternal scriptures viz. the Vedas etc and likes a divine-oriented life of peaceful living with absolute faith in GOD/Godess is HINDU.