The facebook home of Cyprus Hip Hop where MCs, DJs, Bboys,Bgirls, graffitists and every hip hop lover can share and discuss their music, talent and promote their events in order to help maintain and maybe even grow the Cyprus Hip Hop community, culture and passion!
Please give priority to posts relating to Cypriot and Cypriot-based artists and events in order to promote these few people which are bravely trying to keep it real (each in their own way and philosophy) in a very small scene!!!!!. Other discussions of course welcome in Hip Hop Cyprus - Asxeta! Group

Το σπιτι του κυπριακου Χιπ Χοπ στο facebook οπου MCs, DJs, Bboys,Bgirls, graffitists και ολοι οσοι αγαπανε το Χιπ Χοπ μπορουν να μοιραστουν και να συζητουν την μουσικη, το ταλεντο τους και να προωθουν τις εκδηλωσεις που γινονται στην Κυπρο!