Historical buses of New Zealand

This group is for people that are interested in New Zealand made buses (preferred) past and present. Photo's and good conversation is encouraged as long as it is yours to post and not in breach of any copy right laws. If you are posting photo's that are not owned by you, you must state who the photographer was and if you do not who owns the photo you must state "Not My Photo".

You can discuss anything you like that is within the law to do with the operations of buses. No responsibly of such content will be taken by the administrator. No slanderous remarks or inappropriate content of any kind and any such remarks maybe deleted should the need arise.
You cannot discuss contracts about other bus companies or employment contracts of any kind.

This site is NOT for members to sell products or services without the permission of the administrator, any members that do so will be removed without notice. Members may sell Buses / Movans with the permission of the administrator.

New members will only be considered if I the administrator can see who the pending member is. If details of who you are can not be read by the administrator your membership request will not be approved. Any members that apply for membership that do not want to expose there personal details should contact the site administrator in person.stating there reason for applying to join Historical buses of New Zealand.

The site administrator has the right to remove any said content and or person should it be necessary to do so should anyone breach these rules. I reserve the right to change this description of rules without notice at anytime.

Last updated: October 10th 2013.