Home Business Christmas Store

Welcome to the Home Business Christmas Store. This is a TEMPORAR...Y Group and will be open until December 26th.

The purpose of this group is to come together as Home Business Owners to support each other in sales for the Holiday Season. We will be shopping for gifts anyway, so why not buy from each other?

This group will be closely monitored. Meaning that only ONE rep per company and per niche product will be allowed in this group.

That means that there will not be 2 people selling health products that are in competition to one another.

To add people to this group, please confirm in the group file if someone who representing that company or product niche is NOT in here. We want to keep this a safe place for our reps and for our customers.

With that being said....

PLEASE DO NOT be a greedy and expect to come in this group with the expectation of making sales and you not purchasing anything yourself. That is not fair.

You do not have to purchase everything from everyone....but if you can make 2-3 purchases, that would be awesome.

Happy selling and shopping.