Homely Pets

Welcome to Homely Pet Group, it is dedicated to the peoples who ...loves their Homely Pets. Lot of Professional Breeders are there in India and around the World and lot of Group too for Dogs in FB, Lot of Animal welfare peoples are doing their services without any rest. Lot of rescue Homes are there with helpless Dogs where finding difficult to get a real home for the pets. We are decided this page for people who really loves their pets, who living with their own pets, and who are caring their animals like their Family. The Page is for Sales too... Homely grown pets can be posted for sales. Hope this page should be the first Homely Pets care group in Facebook. We are against unethical practice in Breading. Dogs are best friend of Human. We respect the basic rights of the Animals. And the group Admin never involved in any form of Sales. The posters and pictures are belongs to the owners. We are just giving a platform to show their kids. One honest request to the Pet owners. Kindly keep the kids healthy and lovely. They are purely depending on you. They are loving you and they need your respect and attention. Kindly do not through them to streets, where the kids cannot survive.
This is an open forum for all to discuss and share your thought about your Homely dogs and other animals. Their likes, dislikes, videos, photos, Selfy with your pets, Food discussion, medicine, health issues, tips and so on. This group will also help members to buy, share or sell homely Dogs and cats, and other small pets. Just help other members to get good Dogs and cats. Plz do not post any un ethical posters or photos.... Welcome to this page and welcome admins for this page.
We welcome more members and plz add at least 10 members by a member. We want to grow. And we are expecting your real participation. Once we reached 25000 members, the group will change its structure. And we are looking admins in regional wise. A non-profit and service based group, there will be no remuneration for the admins. We welcome admins for USA, UK, Latin America, African Countries, Philippine, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Malaysia, Middle East countries, Russia and Europe etc….
Let’s group together and do our best for the group. Kindly Not the Group admins are neutral and we will not responsible for any type of sales involved. We helps and promote Adoption. So plz grow together and share together and just show we loves our pets. Kindly do not abuse any sales people and we expect great support from all
Kindly send your commands and we welcome admins email to global123@gmail.com