HotPartyTV is one of Asia s leading Entertainment broadcasting w...ebsite. This is the place where Fashion, Entainment and Life-style come altogether! Founded in 2007, HotPartyTV, this dynamic portal in kicking with the freshest, up-to-date trends such as latest fashion shows, sizzling parties, live concert performances by world-reknowned artists, up-close coverage with international DJs, celebrities, models, talented performers, designers, and so much more!!!

Proudly expanding our company to diverse metropolitan cities like Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai, Singapore, India, Thailand, Las Vegas, New York, and the infinite lists goes on and on across the globe!... HotPartyTV, with over thousands and thousands of viewers tuned in each day, we pledge to capture all those enticing events that you surely do not want to miss!!!

HotPartyTV's mission is:

* to enhance our mass media productivity along with nation-wide marketing strategists;
* to solidify ties with participating enterprises (ie. media events, advertisements, corporate functions, entertainment networks, etc.);
* to discover unprecedented calibers to establish new trends;
* to promote wide range of entertainment, fashion, life-style related deals;
* to ensure national exposure amongst targeted institutions;
* to build a resourceful union for breaking new grounds from start to finish;

and lastly, to obtain positive immeasurable recognition for individual prospects they deserve!!!

Hence, We would love to have you collaborate with us and bring your ideas as there are endless possibilities with HotPartyTV!

What DOES HotpartyTV do?

parties, functions, special events, fashion shows, exclusive clubs, lifestyle, luxury brands, etc...
dj's, mc's,performers, celebrities, models, designers, etc...
video coverage, advertising, promoting entertainment enterprises, etc...
interacting with top-notch, avant-garde business dealers...
OR, you could just visit our website and have a look for yourself!