The Housewives and Hot Mommas of Katy, Texas!

This group is for housewives and moms ONLY!

If we cannot tell where you live, or if you are a housewife or mom, then we will not add you to our group.

This is a place to make friends and have girl talk! All I ask is to respect each other. Drama and hate will get you deleted without any warning! Also, please do not promote your businesses (Please see pinned post, postings are allowed on certain days). I will delete the posts! Hope you ladies have fun! Let's make some great, long lasting friendships! ♡

No blocking of admins will be permitted.

No posts pertaining to needing help of any kind; for yourself or anyone else. Including, but not limited to, charities, animal shelters, etc.

I would like to add that you are allowed to post thing that you are giving away for free!

Since this has happened a lot lately, I am adding this in here. I do not allow any posts asking for things or selling. Unless it is something donated (like the wedding gowns) for a cause. If you're not sure about something, please contact me. This wasn't set up as a bbbs site and I'd rather keep it as as mommy/wifey meet and chat group! I WILL NOT WARN ANYMORE. ALL POSTS WILL BE DELETED.

As for posting about online parties, as long as you are hosting for another person, and not yourself, then I have no issue with you sharing!

Any unwanted posts will be deleted without notification!

Ok y'all, I know it's the Holidays, but I cannot allow any more posts asking for donations. A lot of people are hurting this holiday season, myself included, but we cannot help everyone. It wouldn't be fair to the others. And just like posted above, all posts will be deleted without notification.