Housing NZ Tenants Forum

Are you a Housing NZ tenant? Have you received a letter about th...e upcoming tenancy review? Are you worried? What does this mean for you? Do you want to have your say?

1: This group will seek to explore questions and options for Housing NZ tenants. This Group is therefore primarily for State House tenants. It is not a "free for all" debating zone for right-wingers and other sundry National-ACT supporters. If you don't support concepts of social justice and equity in social housing, then this is the wrong page for you.

2: This Group will have four admin - one from each of the four Opposition parties; Greens, Mana, NZ First - and one still to appoint from Labour. This will make our opposition to National's plans to "review" state house tenancies a cross-Party thing.

Thus far, we have,

Huhana Hickey - Greens

Curwen Rolinson - NZ First

Ariana Paretutanganui-Tamati - Mana

[to be appointed] - Labour

Frank Macskasy - Friendly Lefty Blogger

3: Let's keep it civil folks!

4: This is NOT an official Housing NZ group. We cannot help you find accommodation. We are concerned citizens who want Housing NZ tenants to have access to information and an output for their views.

5: This group is indeed intended for Housing NZ tenants as well as those with an interest in the issue.

One thing which I don't want for this group is to focus on individuals and their personal circumstances or life-choices. Focusing purely on the number of children a person might have is not an issue relating to Housing NZ - unless it's related to what sort of housing is available to them. So making judgemental comments about personal circumstances will be removed.

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