Ghost Hunting

We are a group dedicated to ghost hunting and investigations of ...paranormal activities. We welcome all those who are seriously interested in such investigations. Please consider the following rules before joining. In order to make the group fun and informative, we strictly adhere to them.

1. This is a ghost hunting discussion group for the discussion of ghosts and the paranormal.

2. Members should be 16 years of age to join.

3. We are a very civil group. No nastiness. Do not be insulting or rude to other members. This will result in an immediate ban.

4. The postings on here should be kept to questions, discussions, pictures, and videos with disclaimer information, and of course for helping each other.

5. This is a group for the intelligent discussion of the paranormal; therefore, if you post a photo, please include who took it, where it was taken, when it was taken, and with what kind of equipment. For example: (Photo taken by me, Dayton, OH, 3 Sep 2015, android cell phone.).

6. Pictures that are found to be doctored, questionable, or missing the information stipulated above will be removed without warning.

7. Memes (the pictures with funny sayings that go around Facebook) are not allowed.

8. Unfortunately, we must delete a lot of spam, quite a bit of it being sexual in nature. If you attempt to post this type of material to the group, you will be deleted and blocked.

9. All original posts require admin approval before they show up in the group. This is usually a very quick process. If your post fits the rules, it will be allowed.

10. Do not advertise products or events in this group without prior permission from the admin staff.

11. Religious or political discussions will not be allowed in this group as they are off-topic and may offend other Members.

12. Use the Events Link Key on this page (Ghost Hunting) to post your groups upcoming events, such your video shows, info, meet-and-greets, radio show info, fundraisers, etc.

13. If you are found to have blocked any or all of the admins, you will be removed from the group immediately.

DISCLAIMER: By joining this group and participating in it, you agree to the following: The Group (Ghost Hunting Facebook Group), and it's Officers will not be held responsible for any claims, or their opinions of photographs that member(s) submit for evaluation, or analysis. The photograph's are still the person(s) that post them as they are copyrighted, but will kept on file by the group once submitted, and may be used for presentations, or future discussions if needed.