Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Q: Today Ligue 1 continues when you receive Montpellier HSC. Are you on the PSG squad? Zlatan: Yes, I’m on the squad. Q: What does it mean to you that you rested the last game, the cup win against Ajaccio? Zlatan: It feels much better now. The rest did me good considering that I’ve been away for quite some time due to injury. Q: In the match against Ajaccio Jean-Christophe Bahebeck performed really well and scored PSG’s last goal. What are your thought about the young Frenchman? Zlatan: It’s a player that works really hard and develops. Q: Two weeks from now, the transfer window opens again. Do you think that PSG needs some changes in the squad to be a serious contender for the CL title? Zlatan: It’s really a question for the club, but the team is strong as it is today. www.zlatanunplugged.com