India Bull Riders MC - Bangalore Chapter


New membership request will be accepted only if it come through reference from any existing member.

To join this group please follow the mentioned below steps.

1. Join as striver.
Follow mentioned below link for joining IBRMC main page

2. Send a request to join this new IBRMC Bangalore FB page

3. Inform admins Jacinth Paul, Abdul Khan, Harinath Ravichandran, Alok Singh that you have joined IBR main site. Also let them know your forum name as well.

4. Based on this your request for joining FB page will be accepted. You will be eligible to join meets / day rides. You will get all notifications through facebook. For joining overnight rides you need to complete next two steps as well

5. Download the membership form from the mentioned below link

6. Fill this form and pass this on to Admin along with membership fees of Rs 200 on any of the meets / rides

Please note that we do not accept online copy of the form and online payments. Please bring the hard copy of the form on any of the meet / ride.

PS: IBRMC is non commercial no - profit group. We don't entertain any commercial activity or any kind of promotion. To know more about IBR, please follow the link

In case of any confusion, please feel free to approach any of the admin...thanks

Happy Thumping

~~IBRMC BLR Admin Team~~