All Odisha ICT School Co-ordinator/Computer Instructor Union

1. Every Teacher should be had a recent profile Picture.

2. Every Teacher can mention their school name and school address in Profile as a Computer Teacher.
This group is only Computer Teacher/School Coordinator under ICT E-vidyalaya project Govt. of Odisha under Outsourcing Company, Request for member how are A Designated As a Computer Faculty they are request only and they full information given his/her profile as a computer faculty and school name with address.

The main motive behind the creation of this group is to bring forward all the Computer Teachers from different District under ICT@SCHOOL,Odisha. request all the members of this group to follow the rules which i have made for the easy running of this group.
The rules are...
(1). No other person are allowed to join this group apart from computer faculty under ICT@SCHOOL.
(2). Post your comment either English or Hindi coz the members of this group will be from all Odisha
(3). All the bad post/comment, personal attack post/comment which is not related to the project will be deleted.
(4). If any member want to give update then he/she must have proof for that.
(5). Every members should be try to give own profile picture in his/her account .
Thats it.
Again, i request all the members of this group to follow the rules & help to reach the goal.
Expecting yours kind co-operation,
N.B-Administrator will not responsible for any violence created.

The purpose of this group is to be united and to make a decision unitedly. ABOUT ICT AND PROJECT
ICT in Schools Scheme was created by the Department of School Education and Literacy under the Ministry of Human Resource Development of India. The scheme aims to give equal opportunities to utilise technology to those in disadvantaged socio-economic and geographical situations.The programme will provide easy access of technology designed to help students learn beyond regular classroom studies beginning with the set up of ICT Labs.

School Coordinators shall be deployed in each school
. In view of the above,

The computer teachers will be appointed in the schools. Odisha Madhyamik Sikhya Mission (OMSM), the executing body for the scheme, has decided to provide additional equipments like projector and whiteboard besides facilities like generator, online UPS and stabilisers.

The ICT@school scheme of E-Vidyalaya programme has been started under Odisha Madhyamik Sikshya Mission (OMSM) and aims to reach 4,000 government schools in the first phase and an additional 2,000 government schools in the second phase. An amount of around Rs 746 crore has been demarcated for the project. Special training will also be imparted to teachers to help them in using new facilities to their full extent.