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Membership :-
This group is meant for IIT (BHU) ...students and it's Alumni. Please follow the below steps :-

1. Send an email from IIT (BHU) email address (@itbhu.ac.in, @iitbhu.ac.in) to y.umeshram@hotmail.com or send an email from IIT (BHU) alumni email address (itbhuglobal.org, iitbhuglobal.org) to y.umeshram@hotmail.com
2. Or keep your friends list open to public. This will shows us how many of your friends are from our Group. We completely respect your privacy, but there is no other way to do this.

NO OFFENCE ... but if you don't follow the above, don't expect your request to be accepted. Your request may probably end up in the pile of pending requests as we can't go to each person's profile for checking the authenticity of your request.

Group members can read the following doc for Do's and Don'ts:-

Admin Team


Special Interest Group Placements,is a wing of IT-BHU GAA(Global Alumni Association) to link alumni and our placement cell.

Activities involve providing a platform to link alumni and placement for placement cell for internships/recruitment , to keep an update on current placements and to link placement cell with specific companies.

If you have any openings in your companies for freshers to,kindly let us know,we would link you to placement cell/student placement coordinators which would plan a complete process for you and also we will update our database of alumni too for future communications.

Please feel free to communicate."sig.placement" <sig.placement@itbhuglobal.org>
Do spread the word

Prakhar Jain
Btech 2011
+91 971 771 2111