Iker Casillas y Sara Carbonero

"It is with great sadness that I read this comment made by a user of Instagram, @ dany_81, the photo published by the keeper through social networks.
These are their first family holiday since the birth of little Martin, 5 months. A happy moment for the family, but also for all those who love them and follow them. Thus, do not understand why anyone would write a review so inhuman and at the same time, you want something so sinful a child of only 5 months and hence a family.
For many, the goalkeeper, Iker Casillas, poorly acted, on the other hand, did well to others. The truth is that the person who is reading such a comment is not sad, angry and even disgusted with the guy who wanted such a thing a baby. Fortunately, there are many! Now, we put ourselves in the place of a parent, in this case, Iker Casillas, such as another person would be furious, but in this case affects not directly, but to his son, an infant who can not defend themselves. No doubt that any parent, instead of Iker Casillas would take this attitude, it is impossible to remain indifferent to a situation like that happened.
So I am at this moment, standing to applaud Iker Casillas defended that as a father the son with claws and teeth. Could not expect anything else from this man, with a capital H.
Is it true that you used a language using the slang, but before the judge, put yourself in his place and weigh what they would do.
Finally, I wish this guy, @ dany_81 that if I ever have a son who wished to think of a baby. I feel sorry for in this world, there are people so bad to the point of wanting something.
Iker Casillas answered very well in this subject! " This is my opinion.