To newcomers and all:
1. Feel free to post any nerf-related stuff/ upcoming games/ promotions/ findings/ modifications.
2. If you want-to-buy or want-to-sell, do state prices whereby possible unless you dont mind having people lowballing STATE YOUR INITIAL PRICE and work around it later via pm/sms/whatsapp.
3. Personal trading posts are allowed but keep it Nerf-related. Commercial sales and advertisements by any parties are strictly not allowed.

If you are looking for modifications (Locally), Mass Orders etc, you can look out from them under this list:
1. PakD products: Do get them directly from Hanzo Mod
2. Xplorer products:
3. Nerf
4. Area503:
*All links had been added with permission. Any others not mentioned, can their respective owner(s) pm the admin so that it will be added?

For upcoming games (If you cant find them here)
1. Nerf War

Other pages/websites:
2. NerfSG Faceboook

Warning to all
1. Offenders will be given one chance, if he/she repeats again, he/she will be removed from the group unless otherwise stated.
2. This community is not for you to earn money. If that is your objective action may/will be taken.
3. Respect others if you want to be respected. Do not expect others to respect you if you are inconsiderate.
4. You might/will be removed from the group should you try to cause any unnecessary issues. Otherwise have fun nerfing :P
5. The admin(s) will step in and take action where they deemed fit.
6. As of 14 June 2014, this group will have a low tolerance policy on ‘Nonsensical-stirring’/ ‘troll’ related posts.