For sale in and around watford

SIMPLE SITE RULES: strictly no advertising of businesses or other selling groups /selling of animals,counterfeit goods,loans,alcohol,tobacco,,knifes/ firearms Airguns of any kind any adds of this kind will be removed immediately and you may get removed from the group permanently. sellers/buyers: this is a free site for buying and selling and no admin takes any commission on any sales. you are buying and selling here at your own risk.its your responsibility to check all items before purchasing. no admin belonging to this group will be held responsible for any errors made by you. no refunds will be made from any admin of this site for lost of moneys or receiving faulty goods. ALSO TAKE NOTICE: to all buyers/sellers, once you have agreed with a seller a time and day to pay & collect for your item/items you should keep that appointment with them. if for any reason you cannot make it, please let the seller know asap. this applies to sellers too. if its reported to me that any person has not made their appointment without notifying seller/buyer then they will be deleted from this group. sellers when selling multiple items (ie: 10 or more), please create an album. anyone breaking these rules, gives me the right to remove you from this group without prior warning. lets all make this group scam free Bernie Leigh