iHub Afghanistan

iHub Afghanistan (Innovation Hub Afghanistan) is a volunteer non-profit non-government open forum aiming to bring together ICT professionals and experts from across Afghanistan in order to enable them to learn, share, innovate, network, and socialize with each other and as a result be able to contribute more effectively and efficiently to the growth and development of the ICT sector in Afghanistan through collaborative facilitation and developing of more relevant and localized ICT solutions and services which will result in a wider use of ICTs for socio-economic development.

Co-founded by a group of Afghan ICT professionals in March 2011, iHub Afghanistan has been holding regular monthly meetings ever-since. These monthly meetings would focus on a particular theme/topic as its main agenda while other sub-themes could also be discussed as seen fit. The topics discussed so far include Cyber Security, ICT4D, Empowering Women through ICTs, Mobile Technologies, White Hat hacking and more. With more than 786 active online members from across the country including international ICT professionals. iHUb Afghanistan has a dedicated Face-Book page mainly used for events coordination and planning, exchange of ideas, information sharing and learning as well as networking.

Facilitated through Annar multimedia centers, iHub Afghanistan now has active representation in all four major cities/provinces of Afghanistan including Heart, Jalalabad, Kandahar and Mazar. As a rapidly growing network of ICT professionals, iHub Afghanistan aims to emerge as a countrywide national platform.

If you are an ICT professional/expert and interested in joining iHub Afghanistan whether as a permanent contributing member, guest visitor/speaker or an expert observer please contact us at info@ihub.af , visit our website at www.ihub.af or visit our Face-Book page at https://www.facebook.com/IHubAfghanistan .

With the world famous Afghan-hospitality, we would love to see you being part of iHub Afghanistan.

Thank You,

iHub Afghanistan Team