Int. Friends Bureau, United Kingdom

Int. Friends Bureau, registered in the United Kingdom is a contemporary learning organization and the first project management organization to emerge from social online gaming platforms.

The first known institution in the world to fully capture and expose the full extent of modality switching between OVG users (Before Harvard and Cambridge), and social media CMC service users, through Project EMPSON, and consequently, also the only gaming community (traditionally known as Clans) to collective contribute to the three dimensions of knowledge i.e Industrial, Academic and Commercial Knowledge.

We have online competitive teams, and an offline competitive team, and our vision is to be the first learning organization to completely emerge from a console, and one that continually contributes to knowledge by building on EMPSON, to be the first console learning community, with a full online institution by 2020.

We do not accept members directly into this group, this group is member only environment, and consist of IFb gamers working with the offline Project Teams.

A Friend is A Friend, an online environment where no one tries harder for friends.

Founded in 2010 on MOH
Longitudinal study of OVG users (2012), Oxford University.
Longitudinal and cross-sectional study (2014), University of Portsmouth.
Project EMPSON/EMPSON Actions research initiated (2014)
Became a registered firm (2014)

Competitive Teams (2014)
Web site launch (hold)
Servers (2015).......... For more, and full corporate data, information may differ.. as this is only the gaming section of the group.
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