International Photography Magazine


Group Rules.
1. All images are to be wat...ermarked. Only post your own images, theft will not be tolerated!

2. Only post a maximum of 3 images per day (within any 24hr period). This will allow time for others to appreciate your work and to constructively criticise. Furthermore, do not upload albums or multiple images to any one post.

3. No mobile phone shots or videos are allowed, strictly.

4. Do not post external links, i.e to other groups or to those with no relevance to photography. All posts considered to be spam will be deleted by Admin.

5. Members must post from their personal accounts, not sharing from their pages or groups.

6. Whilst not essential, it would be helpful if members could post details about the image posted. For example, location of image, equipment used and settings.

7. Member's images may be used on our related Facebook pages and websites. We will notify and seek consent from the owner of the image beforehand.

8. Perhaps the most important rule of all, have fun and enjoy! smile emoticon

* Members may find their images or posts deleted if any of the above rules are ignored. Repeat offenders may also be banned from the group.

*You are welcome to post from anywhere you are around the world.