International Tolkien Fellowship: List of Events

Tolkien societies, smials and special interest groups all over t...he globe offer readings, lectures, conventions, regulars' tables, conferences and more. Keep up-to-date with the literary heritage of J.R.R. Tolkien and people who appreciate Middle-earth!

This group welcomes all posts, links, photos etc. which are related to aforementioned events and posted according to Facebook and international copyright rules.

We reserve the right to remove without explanation any non-Tolkien-related material and material that is in any other way offensive, discriminatory etc.

If you want to let fellow Tolkien fans know about Tolkien-related news and publications please use the ITF page here on Facebook:

Concerning artwork: when posting pictures of any art or illustration (for whatever purpose) on this group, and regardless of the artist's standing as professional, amateur, or in-between, please apply Tolkien’s principle of ‘courtesy (at least) to living authors’ and credit the creating artist by name, artist’s tag, and a weblink.

Concerning memes etc.: Please refrain from posting those in this group (unless, of course, there is an actual connection to an event) and consider joining the Mïḋḋlε Eαɾτh Cøṃεḋÿ Clυв where they are most welcome.