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Welcome to...
Independent Paranormal Researchers.
Watford, Hertfordshire, UK

Like many of you out there, skepticism rules many.
But, if you do not search or explore, then the answers you shall never know.

Are Ghosts Real and Do They Really Exist?

We Investigate and research known locations that are apparent to have paranormal activity.
We search far and wide to know more.
Join us and the Team in our hunt for ghosts.

This Group is also dedicated to Urban Exploration.


Anyone is welcome to post and share their own photos/videos/stories.
Anyone is welcome to post news articles that are Paranormal Related.
Please Ask Admin before posting Events from other groups.
Please Ask Admin before Posting/Linking/Advertising other Paranormal groups.

• Events Organized and Hosted by the IPR Watford team are FREE!
• Events are as spontaneous as the weather!
• Everyone is welcome to an event that is organized and members may also bring guests with them.
• You are not obligated in any way to join an event, but you do so at your own will.
• At times one may / must also provide their own transport.
• We sometimes offer lifts to those in need :)
• No large amounts of Alcohol is permitted on our Events.
• Some Fees Apply on Events that We DO NOT host. Please be Aware of online Scams!

This group is aimed at people that have a real interest in the Paranormal and Mysteries of the Unexplained and for those that seek the truth.
Spammers; Fakers; Trolls; Haters; Inactive Users; Spies
And anything Ray-Ban related....

Will Elliott
Founder & Admin
Team Leader, Researcher, Urban Explorer & Photographer.
Tony Dolente
Team Director & Admin
Paranormal Investigator, Researcher, Séance & Ouija Board Master

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