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Post that violate the rules will be deleted/banned without warning*

*No price on description. Kahit for swap yan, lagyan ng swapping price. (Each pic dapat may price.)
* "My money to ur?" (Dapat may specific na hinahanap like 5k to ur laptop)
*Sumbungan/Scam/Bogus Post (Bullying & Harrassment)
*Pic for attention (Unauthorized use of photos)

*Shared post na galing profile or other sites (Should upload photo with price if there is link)
*Hijacker sa ads. (Nagsesell sa ads ng iba)
*Looking for bypass iCloud locked
*Feedback/Vouching post (Non-Hachified)

BAN User
*Newly created account (Less than a month must be Hachified)
*Imitation/fake items. Jansport-Bataan
*Unli internet no monthly bills, dc'd modems, bugged SIM
*Nakaw/lost/blocklisted items (iCloud locked/Bypass Service)
*Obscene, pornographic material
*DIY braces
*Spammer (Duplicate ads 5+ less than 24hrs)
*Comment or post ng other bns site/groups
*Troll (Rainbow comment etc)
*Pre-order/Raffle/COC/Gems/Globe Points/Star City/EK Tickets (Non-Hachified)
*Pet for swap
*Zap/Mcent/Whaff (Referral post)
*Networking post - No Recruitment or Referral invites. (Only MLM products are allowed ex: food supplements)

*If meron nagbash sa inyo, just BLOCK them.

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