Islamic way group believes in Unity of Mankind and shall contrib...ute for Universal brotherhood, peace, tolerance, coexistence and communal amity.
Islamic way group start with the objectives of promoting Islamic awareness, goodwill, unity and friendship among Muslims community all over the world by sharing Islamic quotes, Quran, Hadith and Sunnah by following our beloved Prophet Mohammed (pbuh).
We believe in only one God “ALLAH” and all praise and glory is to him only.
Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) is the last and final prophet of ALLAH to follow.
Quran is the last testament from Allah to all mankind for guidance.
We are all from one family of Adam (A.S). No matter where you stand be united as one Ummah for the sake of Allah.
This is a better platform to keep in touch each other to exchange the knowledge and experience.
Advertisement of commercial products, Filthy language, and hate speech, any Abusive, Violent or Vulgar Language is strictly prohibited.
Invite and add friends to this Islamic group, may Allah Bless you. JAZAKALLAH Khair