‫Israelis In Seattle - ישראלים בסיאטל‬

ISRAELIS in Seattle Facebook guidelines

Welcome to the Israelis in Seattle Facebook page. This is a closed group which means anyone can see the group and who's in it but only members see posts. Any member can add members, but an admin must approve them. All members can post in this group and posts are not approved before they are posted.

The goal of this group is to share local information, tips and fun stuff relevant for Israelis living in, moving to or interested in the Puget Sound area.
We hope to bring the community closer together and help support each other.
Recommend activities, schools, relocation tips, events, news and other things you think will interest the community!

• As a member of this Facebook Group, you agree to comply with this policy.
• Members will avoid posting content that may be considered abusive, offensive, or hateful, bullying or intimidating.
• No topics are off-limits for discussion, provided that discussions are kept civil.
• This is a family friendly page, please keep your comments and wall posts clean.
• Businesses and advertisement that are in-line with the goal and guidelines of the group are also welcome to post here with the limitation of no more than one reminder or promotion a week.
• This is not the place to post about buying and selling items. There is a dedicated Facebook page and items should be listed there. (שוק ישראלי בסיאטל)

**Admins reserve the right to remove posts or members if they violate the guidelines.

Some samples of acceptable and unacceptable posts:

Acceptable – Where to find a vegan or kosher restaurant
Unacceptable – Preaching to others to be vegan or kosher

Acceptable – Advertising a political event in the area
Unacceptable – Any political arguing (who is right, who started it or who is to blame)

Acceptable – Advertising a house or apartment for sale or rent in Seattle or Israel
Unacceptable – Advertising anything not in these two areas