The Hebrew Israelite Kingdom

Shalom Ach’s and Achoti’s and Welcome to The Hebrew Israelite Kingdom Page.

This page was built to provide a place for MESSIANIC Hebrew Israelites from all of the twelve tribes to come together in the spirit of love, peace and respect to fellowship and admonish one another to learn, grow, teach and be fed through the WORD of YAHUAH.

This page was created as a means to unite the descendant children steming from the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, who have been scattered throughout the world. All of Yahuah's scattered heritage from the House of ISRAEL and the house of JUDAH are welcomed to join. We would like to admonish you to use this page to grow in understanding and prayerfully come into the knowledge of the truth through YAHUAH.

We would also like to admonish all of our members who use this site to locate and connect with Hebrew Israelite Brothers and Sisters who live in your area for Shabbat Shalom, Feast and Set Apart Days or just to have familiar faces and support. We need one another.( You can also join the Google plus and LinkedIn version's of this group titled The Hebrew Israelite Kingdom:Rise of the Hebrews)

(PLEASE NOTE: Disrespect, name calling & all other forms of bullying will not be tolerated. It will result in automatic removal from the group) this group is not racist shalom